What Is Neither Used For?

What do we use neither for?

Neither is usually used with a singular verb, as in “Neither one is here.” But sometimes, especially when a prepositional phrase with a plural in it comes between neither and the verb, a plural verb is used, as in “Neither of those are going to work.”.

How do you use neither in a sentence?

Neither sentence examplesNeither of the children seemed concerned about the flight, though. … Neither of them had a clue what was on her mind. … Neither do I – and we should. … The cart before the horse is neither beautiful nor useful. … By the way, neither Alex nor I drink. … Neither of them was looking for a mate. … Neither Howie nor I really know him.More items…

How do you use the word neither/nor in a sentence?

‘Nor’ with ‘Neither’ A “nor” usually follows a “neither” when they’re used in the same sentence (1). For example, you might say, “I like neither hot dogs nor mustard.” You may also use “nor” if you’re talking about more than two items, but you must repeat “nor” after each element (2).

What kind of word is neither?

As an adjective or pronoun meaning “not either,” neither is usually followed by a singular verb and referred to by a singular personal pronoun: Neither lawyer prepares her own briefs.

Where do we use neither nor?

‘Neither nor’ Neither-nor: It connects two or more negative alternatives. When we say none of the options are real or true, we use ‘neither-nor’. The verb agrees with the subject preceding it. If the subject is singular, the verb has to be singular.

Can you use nor in a sentence without neither?

Nor can be used without neither, as in the following sentences: Neither was I going to hide, nor (was I going to) run away.

Do You Say Me neither or me either?

The combination of “not” and “either,” often with some words in between, can give the same information as “neither.” But in the short informal response to indicate accord with a negative statement, “me neither” is the correct form.

When should I use neither or either?

Different uses of either and neither: Either means ‘both’, ‘one’ and neither means ‘not either’, ‘none’. Either is used in negative constructions, while neither is used in affirmative constructions.

What is mean by neither?

When offered a choice between two things you don’t like, you might choose neither. Whereas “either” means you would pick one, neither closes the door on both, saying you do “not” choose “either” one. The adjective neither comes directly from Middle English, evolving from the word nawther.

What is the difference between NOR and neither?

Both choices are used during comparisons of two things, but the difference is: Either/or is used when making a positive decision between two or more things. Neither/nor is used when the choice is negative or the person wants to say that more than one thing is not true.

How do you use either or and neither nor in English grammar?

Either is used in the affirmative sense, when you’re presenting possibilities that are both true or valid. Neither is used in the negative sense, when you’re presenting things that aren’t true or valid.