What Are Remedies?

How do you remedy the situation?

A remedy is a successful way of dealing with a problem.

The remedy lies in the hands of the government.

If you remedy something that is wrong or harmful, you correct it or improve it.

A great deal has been done internally to remedy the situation..

Can remedy be used as a verb?

verb (used with object), rem·e·died, rem·e·dy·ing. to cure, relieve, or heal. to restore to the natural or proper condition; put right: to remedy a matter.

What are the 3 types of damages?

The three types of damages that form the foundation of most civil lawsuits are compensatory, nominal, and punitive.

Remedies in Law When compensatory damages are awarded, a court orders the person that breached the contract to pay the other person enough money to get what they were promised in the contract elsewhere. For example, suppose you hire and pay someone to clean your house for $100, but he is unable to do it.

What is general damage?

General damages are intangible, non-monetary losses that do not have an exact dollar amount. There are several types of general damages: Pain and suffering. Mental anguish. Lower quality of life.

What kind of damages can you sue for?

There are six different types of damages: compensatory, incidental, consequential, nominal, liquidated, and (sometimes) punitive.Compensatory Damages. … Incidental Damages. … Consequential Damages. … Nominal Damages. … Liquidated Damages. … Punitive Damages.

What is a remedy in law?

A remedy is a form of court enforcement of a legal right resulting from a successful civil lawsuit. … Coercive remedies – requiring a party to do or omit doing a specific act through injunctive relief or a court order of specific performance (a court mandates that the party fulfill contractual obligations.

What are the two types of remedies?

There are two general categories of remedies—legal and equitable. In the category of legal remedies are damagesMoney paid by one party to another to satisfy a liability.. Damages are money paid by one party to another; there are several types of damages.

What is another word for remedy?

Some common synonyms of remedy are amend, correct, emend, rectify, redress, reform, and revise.

How do you use the word remedy in a sentence?

Patience is the best remedy (or medicine).Danger itself is the best remedy for danger.The remedy is worse than the disease.The remedy for injuries is not to remember them.No wrong without remedy. … The best remedy against an ill man is much ground between.The remedy lies in the hands of the government.More items…•

Legal remedyPunitive damages.Incidental damages.Consequential damages.Liquidated damages.Reliance damages.Statutory damages.Treble damages.

What remedy means?

(Entry 1 of 2) 1 : a medicine, application, or treatment that relieves or cures a disease. 2 : something that corrects or counteracts. 3 : the legal means to recover a right or to prevent or obtain redress for a wrong.

Are remedy and cure synonyms?

Find another word for cure. In this page you can discover 71 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for cure, like: remedy, healing, medicable, remediable, elixir, nostrum, theriac, dry, antidote, heal and tan.

What are the types of contractual mistakes?

Common law has identified three different types of mistake in contract: the ‘unilateral mistake’, the ‘mutual mistake’ and the ‘common mistake’. The distinction between the ‘common mistake’ and the ‘mutual mistake’ is important.

What are the 3 remedies at law?

Monetary awards (called “damages”), specific performance, and restitution are the three principle remedies.