Quick Answer: Why Can’T I Send Money From PayMaya To Smart Padala?

How can I transfer money from BDO to Smart Padala?

Go to SMART MENU and choose Mobile Banking.Choose BDO.Choose Transfer.Press OK to continue with the transaction.Select the account where you wish to send your money to.Press OK to continue with the transaction.Select the account where the money will come from.Select the currency of the account.More items…•.

Can I transfer money from BPI to Smart Padala?

BPI to Smart Money Transfer. Transaction fee is Php 15 to be deducted from your BPI account. If you want to transfer Php 8,000 to your Smart Money, you will be charged Php 8,015 from your BPI account.

Can I use PayMaya without upgrading?

Am I required to upgrade my account? Upgrading your account is completely optional but highly recommended so you can experience the additional benefits of your PayMaya account.

How can I transfer money from PayMaya?

InformationLog in to your PayMaya account.Tap “Send Money”Key in the name, mobile number or account number of the recipient.Input the amount you wish to send.Enter an optional message you want to send to the recipient.Tap “Continue”Review your Send Money transaction details.Tap “Send”More items…•

How can I transfer money from PayMaya to Smart Padala not upgraded?

How to Send Money from PayMaya to Smart PadalaCheck if the Smart Padala center near you is open and ask for their 16-digit account number.Log in to your PayMaya account and click Send Money.Enter the account number in the field provided, followed by the amount you wish to send to your recipient, then click “Continue”More items…•

What is the process of Smart Padala?

How to Use Smart Padala ServicesGo to the nearest Smart Padala agent. … Pay the service fee. … Confirm your transaction slip. … Go to the nearest agent. … Show the text confirmation to the agent. … Confirm your transaction slip. … Visit a Smart Padala international partner. … Send your remittance.More items…•

Can I send money from PayMaya without upgrading?

You can only send money that you have in your own PayMaya account. … As a rule, non-upgraded users can load up to P50,000 per month to PayMaya, while upgraded users can load P100,000 per month!

Is PayMaya bank transfer free?

Transfers from PayMaya to a bank account will cost P10 per transaction from Oct. 1, PayMaya said on its website. For cash-ins, a 1% charge will be imposed only if the P10,000 monthly threshold is exceeded.

Can I transfer smart load to PayMaya?

For Smart Money account holders transferring money to PayMaya, go to Smart Money SIM Menu and select “transfer”. Select “others”. Enter the amount, your WPIN, then click SEND. *There is a 1.5% charge for every successful Smart Money to PayMaya transactions.

How can I transfer money from PayMaya to Smart Padala?

How to Send Money From PayMaya to Smart PadalaAsk for the 16-digit account number of your Smart Padala agent ​Tap “Send Money” on your PayMaya app ​Enter the 16-digit account number of your Smart Padala agent on the mobile/account number field ​Input the amount and click “Continue” ​More items…

Why can’t I send money from PayMaya to Smart Padala?

To be able to send money to another PayMaya user or to a Smart Padala center, you must have an upgraded PayMaya account. This will also raise your monthly transaction limit to P100,000, from just P50,000 for non-upgraded accounts.

Can you withdraw money from PayMaya?

Information. Can I withdraw money from my PayMaya account? Yes, you may withdraw from your PayMaya account using your PayMaya physical card through ATMs here and abroad. ATM withdrawals using the physical PayMaya card are available for upgraded users only.